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Applicable Knowledge = Solutions

To secure a state-of-art advisory capability it is necessary, but not sufficient, to capitalize on own real business case experience.

Also in the business of Management Advisory the one "what-count factor" is INNOVATION which can be fostered only investing in Research & Development.

Doing so, the ultimate result is the ability to develop the so-called "Applicable Knowledge" which is the outcome of the following equation:



Real Business Cases Practice +


Research & Development (*) =




(*) Giuseppe's Research & Development is based on and applied to his real professional life experience: 

1)  Manufacturing and Services Operational Start-up/Shut-down

2)  Business and Corporate Organizational/Process Engineering

3)  Strategic Holistic Planning Development and Deployment

4)  Industrial & Financial Business Plan Development

5)  M&A Organizational Transition

6)  Company Turnaround and Debt Restructuring

7)  Culture & Change Management Programs.