Our MISSION is to help you to improve your company life through

turning your business around, changing or providing "built-to-last" solutions for all your critical strategic, operational and organizational areas of your business. We will do that by Re-Engineering your Corporate & Business Genome.

 SOS.BIZ is a Strategic Organization Solutions Advisory Firm working in partnership with a Network-based Business Practitioners Team.

We are specialized on resolving extra-ordinary Corporate and Business issues: start-up, turnaround, debt restructuring development.

Leveraging on our network-based Practitioners Team, we know how to define, engineer and deploy a full set of holistically tailor-made solutions to secure a long lasting clients' happiness.


Our Corporate and Business "what count factors":

1. Run Strategic, Financial and Organizational Due Diligence

2. Defining the Company and Business Full Potential

3. Developing the Business Performance Blueprint

4. Accelerate Performance

5. Harness the Talent

6. Foster a Results oriented Mind-Set


Our Key Core Competencies:

1. Defining, Developing and Deploying strategic plans to maximize your results

2. Ability to understand your demands and recommend a robust solution pattern

3. A proven set of Management Skills, Technical Competencies and Personal Values to secure and sustain a mutul Trusting Relationship.


In math terms our SKAR* Development formula is:


 [V + S + P + E**]  x  [C + L + T + W]  =  R


that is:


[ Vision + Strategy + Planning + Execution** ]


multiplied by


[ Competencies + Leadership + Trust + Wisdom ]






SKAR = Specialized Knowledge + Authority + Results

** Execution = Action Deployment + Monitoring Delta Performance + Adjust Plan