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How Should the Power Toolkit be ?

How Should the Power Toolkit be ? - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni

Any Power Tool is a valid and adequate enabler if, and only if, it derives from a coherent strategy & operational deployment cascade.

A Power Tool has to be: 


  (simple is simply better)



  (standardisation aids understand across the board)



  (synchronicity means timely and team linked)


Power Tool 1: OGSM

Power Tool 1: OGSM - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni

A very effective way to design the right toolkit in line with the company's objective is to structure it within the so-called O.G.S.M. (Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures).

OGSM: is a Strategy Planning Tool: it stands for Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures (it was developed in Procter & Gamble). It allows us to understand Strategy in the context of other important planning elements like Objectives, Goals, and Measures.

- Objectives are what we want to achieve, the “big win” we are seeking to produce.  Almost always has profit and leadership.

- Strategies are how we will achieve our Goals.  A set of one or more very specific decisions about how we will allocate resources to accomplish an objective.  Provide our competitive advantage with customers and consumers.

- Goals are the specific accomplishments we are seeking to deliver within a certain time frame as we move toward our Objective.  Good Goals are specific, measurable and include a target date. 

- Measures provide numerical answers which quantify our progress in implementing our strategies.  Also allow benchmarking.


Power Tool 2: OPM (Organization Performance Model)

Power Tool 2: OPM (Organization Performance Model) - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni

 O.P.M. Key Design Elements:

- Organization Structure:

Organization Chart, Functional Responsibility

- Tasks/Job Descriptions:

Individual Responsibilities linked to the Company Plans

- People Behavior and Capability:

Cultural and Skills to support tasks

- Information Sharing & Process:

Simplify process to increase "speed-to-market"

- Decision Making Process:

Decision making process based on business leadership

- Reward and Incentives System:

Individual objective and the company objectives are "inseparable"