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In nature every organism is unique and its DNA determines how it will function. An organization is a complex organism living and interacting in a complex environment.

Genetics Engineering is a methodology system through which it is possible to isolate and manipulate the DNA molecules also by combining DNA segments of different origin: this is possible utilizing, as special scissors, the so called restriction enzymes.

The same principle is applicable for the Organization DNA: we can change its design acting on its fundamentals elements and, with very particular organizational enzymes, we can "cut & paste" the new DNA segment. Two significant applicable enzymes which makes this happen are LEADERSHIP and TRUST.

Although the 6 organization "design elements" (see "OPM model" section) can be easily developed - structure, task, people, reward, information and decision making - as a matter of fact these elements can be combined in myriad ways and this defines the organization's DNA.

Moreover, to re-engineer an organization DNA, is not sufficient to work on the design elements, but, as said, we have to use special enzymes to make the re-engineering happen. These enzymes are the 5 strategic "core values" - leadership, trust, ownership, integrity and passion. They are properly embedded into the DNA structure.

In doing so we have to proceed holistically and make sure that all design elements and core values contribute to the overall system "balance".

Organization DNA can be re-engineered and the protocol is applicable virtually for every organization.

SOS.BIZ is the protocol for a sustainable long-lasting solution.

Organism vs. Organization DNA

Organism vs. Organization DNA - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni

Organization profiler

Organization profiler - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni