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VALUE is the expected future cash flows

discounted at the opportunity cost of capital


[*] Any business is essentially a financial system of cash flows based on the balance and interrelationships between "investment", "operating" and "financing" variables within the financial system.

Financial Genome is an advanced financial analysis, statement generation and business planning professional application which easily accommodates widely different business analytical needs and projections. The Financial Genome application's special templates are designed as interactive and visual learning devises, allowing the user to trace the impact of changing assumptions on financial statements, analytical lay-outs and key conceptual business hypotheses.

All templates showed here are developed by Modernsoft Inc. and are one of possible interactive tools to design the Financial Genome of a firm. They lead you through all economics and financial fundamentals to structure a robust and flexible Business Outlook, such as:

1) The Business System layout

2) Key Ratios (KPI's)

3) Budget Key Drivers

4) Break-Even Key Variables

5) Sustainable Growth Model

6) Policies Impacting Growth

7) Integrated Growth Model

8) Present Value Model (cash flow, KPI's)

9) Impact of Financial Choices

9) Business Valuation Model

10) Comparing Economic Measures

[*] by Erich A. Helfert: "Financial Analysis Tools & Techniques"


FG scheme 1 FG scheme 1 [42 Kb]

FG scheme 2 FG scheme 2 [68 Kb]

FG scheme 3 FG scheme 3 [52 Kb]

FG scheme 4 FG scheme 4 [53 Kb]

FG scheme 5 FG scheme 5 [51 Kb]