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Organizations are "complex bodies within a complex environment". Likewise human being, an enterprise's behavior, based on its DNA code, can be "modified/improved" if we properly act into its design scope.


There are similarities between a corporate capability (a single element of a value chain, like manufacturing, branding or purchasing) and a human gene. Just as each of our genes is a piece of DNA working as an instruction manual for a particular characteristics, each business capability is a component of the value chain that makes a unique contribution to a company output. The corporate genome holds the design key to what a company sells, to whom it sells and to what resources it deploys (from "Rebuilding the Corporate Genome" by J.Aurik, G.Jonk, R.Willen).


One way (ref. Nomura Research Insitute: "Success to Corporate Genome", SEE BELOW FILE) to quantify the Corporate Genome is through 15 attributes segmented into "Vitality Index" which has two axes: (i) Strategic Vitality (strategic thinking, shared values, accepting challenges, information sharing, agility, task accomplishment, customer orientation, clarity, meritocracy, training & development) and (ii) Organization Vitality (delegation of authority, long-termism, respect for individual, respect for debate, tolerance for failure).


Just as human genes influence the characteristics and physical conditions of human beings, corporate genes also work as an important factor in creating corporate value. If a desease gene in human being is identified and diagnosed, it is then possible to start working on its alteration, effectively making it possible to prescribe prompt and efficacious treatment without deciphering the entire genome.