THE  UNIVERSE"                        [Pythagoras]



[William Edward Deming] 


Any business is, essentially, a financial system of cash flows based on the balance and interrelationships between “investment", "operating" and "financing" variables within the business system.

At the end of the day nothing matters more than cash. 

Often we believe that commitment is always a good thing. I do not think so. I do think that we must understand why much of our business life (actually also private life...) involves options that we currently are treating as commitments. We must understand the difference between commitments and options.

In fact, formulating and executing a strategy involves making a sequence of major decisions. Under actual stochastic conditions of uncertainty and risk, a business strategy, in financial terms, is much more like a series of options than it is like a series of static cash flows.

Strategy Development and Deployment is a chain/portfolio of related Real Options.


   SOS.BIZ is a valuable and powerful management & leadership centre of excellence providing you with Strategic Organization Solutions. 

We are capable to formulate applicable and long-lasting solutions sustained by a secured and robust incubation, monitoring and adjustable processes


We identify and resolve extra-ordinary corporate, business and organizational issues on all critical phases of your enterprise's life: business and organization start-up, business and corporate turnaround, financial debt restructuring and broad business and organization development.

Our professional experience, proven competencies' and know-how capability are instrumental to convey the right customized solutions set-up with distinctive leadership and wisdom.

Moreover, leveraging on our network-based practitioners partners, we know-how to define, engineer and deploy a full set of holistically tailor-made "built-to-last" solutions to secure a long lasting clients' happiness and sustainable financial health.

Our mission is to help you to improve your company life through development support, turning your business around, changing or providing "built-to-last" solutions for all your critical, strategic, operational and organizational areas of your business. We will do that by "re-engineering your corporate & business genome".

 Imath terms our SKAR* Development formula is:


 [V + S + P + E**] x [C + L + T + W] = R


that is:


[Vision + Strategy + Planning + Execution**]

 multiplied by

[Competencies + Leadership + Trust + Wisdom]




SKAR = Specialized Knowledge + Authority + Results

** Execution = Action Deployment + Monitoring Delta Performance + Adjust Plan

re-engineering your corporate genome

re-engineering your corporate genome - SOS.BIZ - Giuseppe De Giovanni

We think, act and deliver like Genetic Engineers aiming to restructure a build-to-last corporate and organization governance.

Our corporate and business genome approach and re-engineering capability are based on 3 fundamental and strategic theses:


1) All organizations are perfectly designed to get the Results they get

2) All organizations are always in a business extra-ordinary situation

3) Corporate Values are strategic assets to sustain the performance

our "corporate genome" solutions

 We do care to formulate and engineer build-to-last solutions using the best intellectual capability and professional background available on the market 


In-house solutions:

  • corporate genome & organization DNA methodology
  • start up: incubation, knowledge transfer, cultural assets
  • OGSM (*) corporate strategy and action planning
  • corporate restructuring and business turnaround
  • transformation program & change management
  • organization performance model: assessment and design
  • delta-performance, deployment and monitoring
  • leadership assessment tool-box
  • financial debt restructuring
  • M&A - business development & transition

(*) OGSM: Objective, Goal, Strategy, Measure 


Network-based solutions:

  • energy trading & risk management operations
  • quantitative finance & derivatives structure
  • financial portfolio balance & hedging
  • financial engineering
  • hedge funds rising
  • structured finance & project financing
  • venture capital, private equity
  • european horizon 2020 program
  • merger & acquisitions financing